Business Round Table

BRT TV Presents Season one

December 2021

At a moment of transition for the country, Business Roundtable is producing a news-style series of 15-minute episodes to promote policy recommendations and influence stakeholders in the new Administration and Congress. The series features Business Roundtable CEOs addressing a range of priority issues including COVID-19, infrastructure and immigration.

Inkling was hired to produce and brand the series along side director Catherine Reynolds. Together we developed a creative and editorial framework for the series to support a range of topics and conversations, while keeping the content timely and substantive.

Getting the word out

EPISODE 1: Covid-19

When COVID-19 hit the United States, the economy was shut down to help save lives. Facing an unprecedented crisis, Business Roundtable CEOs worked to protect their employees, continue supporting customers and respond to a country in need. Go behind the scenes at Walmart, Johnson & Johnson, Walgreens and Honeywell as their CEOs face the beginning of the U.S. pandemic and transition to serving the country. Hear how they expanded capacity to deliver masks, leaned on research and development to create solutions and tapped into worker ingenuity to vaccinate millions of Americans. It is the story of the business community’s effort to combat COVID-19, end the public health crisis and safely rebuild a prosperous and more equitable economy.

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