Shield Pals
brand launch
June 2020 / Branding / Retail / Marketing
COVID-19 hit businesses in the blink of an eye and businesses had to adapt just as fast.

Hatch Exhibits used their ingenuity to pivot their scenic fabrication offerings overnight into PPE gear manufacturing for medical professionals needing supplies, that could also alleviate kids anxiety. Through a universe of friendly characters printed directly onto face shields, Hatch transformed utopian-looking doctors into the friendliest companions out there.

Hatch tapped Inkling to develop a trusted brand for medical professionals that brought joy and safety to their places of work, to create a design system that would allow Shield Pals to build out a range of properties and most importantly, make doctors visits a joy for kids.

As the brand was being developed, so did the community. Doctors, dentists, nurses, teachers and more quickly discovered the safety and support of Shield Pals products. This positivity encouraged others and led to an amazing journey for the brand.

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Seeing tremendous support and demand through social media and their e-commerce platform, we designed and opened a retail destination for their brand, coincidentally the first PPE Retail Store in America. Designed to flex to any footprint, the modular system allowed for quick and easy deployment while offering COVID-19 safe pathways and product browsing.
visual identity
Designed to be approachable, playful and evocative of health care professionalism.

Inspired by children’s sticker books, the playful nature of the rounded corners helped expand the “safe zone” represented by the white outline to highlight Shield Pals protective nature.
The Shield Pals color palette uses a range of colorful selections to brighten up medical professionals’ time at work while staying grounded and professional through re-envisioned “healthcare” colors.
marketing / brand assets
product library
To help market their products, we used the brand’s bold color scheme to highlight the variety of designs and formats they offer. These photo shoots gave us a library of images to use across their web and social platforms as well as paid advertisements on Facebook and Google.
After establishing the brand, their e-commerce platform needed an overhaul. Clean and simple designs helped customers easily navigate their product offerings and collections. Whether a first time buyer or returning visitors looking to add to their collection - each visit offered something new to explore.
the impact
Shield Pals quickly became something more than a brand, it became a call-to-arms for professionals that were getting back to work. The profound impact the shields have isn’t limited to their patients and customers, but became a story driver for their day-to-day lives. Dentists, doctors, nurses, teachers, speech therapists — one uniting force that we’re all in this together.