creative theory
the gift shop
January 2021 / Retail Design / Creative
Creative Theory Agency in Washington, DC took the opportunity to bring their mission to life: Shop Black-Owned In The Nations Capitol. Their mission is to create economic opportunity for Black-owned brands. The Gift Shop is a physical space to find, learn, and discover and shop incredible brands from Black entrepreneurs in the DMV. For the people, by the people.

Inkling created a functional retail environment that served this mission, but also supported a growing creative agency that needed to flex the floorplan from an office, to a programming space to retail on a weekly basis.
retail design
Placed in the heart of Washington, DC’s Union Market District, the layout of the retail space was designed to maximize flexibility. Shelves are modular, so they can be rearranged and moved around depending on what is showcased or to allow for events to take place. With Creative Theory tucked away in the back, the store could serve the agency as both a place of business as well as a place of growth.
Because of the modular nature of the Gift Shop, the displays can be rearranged to showcase new products or host event collateral.
Each element in the store is designed to instill a sense of creativity and empowerment, while making it as easy as possible to share that content.
The furniture can be used to create different configurations of the space, allowing for a variety of uses such as speaker series, industry events and classes.