Climate Talks podcast
October 2021 / Branding / Creative / Video
On Climate Talks, everyone is invited to the conversation about the climate. Hosted by journalist Sophia Li, each episode takes on sustainability from multiple perspectives, and reframes the way we communicate about the climate.

Inkling was tasked by agency work x work to create unique show art illustrating the impact we have on the environment. Rather than focusing on the negative impact often associated with having a footprint, we created a visual that inspires us to reconsider what our positive impact can be on the world, even in combating the recent climate trends.
To support the release of the podcast, Inkling was asked to produce a promotional trailer featuring the show’s host Sophia Li along with Facebook and consumer voices, answering the question: “What does sustainability mean to you?”
You're invited to a conversation about the climate. Inkling created a series of social assets to encourage viewers to find the invitation, and become part of the larger narrative and helping to define what sustainability means to each of us.