Business Roundtable
CEO Innovation Summit 2020
March 2020 / Branding / Experiential / Creative
Following its huge success in December of 2018, Business Roundtable set to host their second CEO Innovation Summit in Washington, DC in March 2020. Featuring a gathering of America’s leading CEOs, innovators and policymakers, the discussion was set for an in-depth conversation on how businesses are innovating with a purpose across a broad range of subjects.As it was scheduled for the month of March, the CEO Innovation Summit was postponed for a later and safer date to hold an event.The Business Roundtable tapped Inkling to develop a comprehensive creative direction to drive the Summit and produce the entirety of the summit.
visual identity
Color, gradient, light, and sharp contrasts - an abstract view of the world.

Inspired by James Turrell, the Summit’s brand elements were developed to make a seamless transition between the digital content and physical environment. Each subject area was given a color, which were then connected through gradient blending to showcase the range of topics covered in each a session. This was then reflected through thoughtful content animations that were reflected across the room through immersive light treatments and stage design.
To help generate excitement and support the announcement of the event, we created a promotional video that teased the return of the Innovation Summit to Washington, DC. Previewing some of their keynote speakers, the video drove traffic to their website where attendees could register and learn more about the event.
session graphics
The integrated screens built into the stage design allowed for immersive program animations, guiding the audience’s eyes to the featured content. As the color gradients shifted from each session topic, they created reactionary lighting design reflecting the content around the room. These animation samples showcase the intention and functionality of the show’s art direction.
Designed to be a bold, easy to navigate, and informative destination, the Summit’s website highlighted the content and speakers included in the upcoming event. This platform also provided a day-of agenda experience to minimize the traditional printed program and help off-set the carbon footprint from event collateral.