business roundtable
meeting design
2020 - 2021 / Experiential / Digital / Fabrication
Business Roundtable is an association of chief executive officers of America’s leading companies. Innate to their function is the facilitation of collaboration, discovery and informative conversations. Freshly moved into their new office, their meeting space needed a functional design to match their multiple use cases.

Inkling was tasked with designing a space to be conducive to the growth and evolution of their membership and programming. Even with a fresh floorplan, every square foot was meant for use and not clutter. As they settled in to their new office, these requirements led to a direction that became part of the room and part of their day to day.
stage design
Built around the existing support pillars, the low profile backdrop and modular stage make adjustments quick and simple, without compromising the backdrop’s consistency. Easily adapted for single speakers at a podium to a small panel discussion.

Clean and sleek, the backdrop design is inspired by the modern materials leveraged throughout their office space. Bold, strong and geometric, the staggered panels draw attention to the conversation without competing with the aesthetic of the room so that even when not in use, it blends right in.
digital pivot
Keeping meaningful engagement while going digital in the face of the pandemic.

To support the quality of their core meetings while facing the new rules from the pandemic, we flexed the meeting space into a digital broadcast studio. Here the team could stay safely socially distant while producing their regular content with the consistent production value aligned with their normal meetings.

Leveraging the room’s integrated technology to support the broadcast, content could be shared internally and externally virtually through any platform required. Additionally, this tech backbone supported the usual collaborative discussions with proactive Q&A, panel discussions and live audience interaction.