Creative Theory:
The Gift Shop
Retail Design, Creative Direction, Fabrication
Creative Theory is a culture-focused marketing agency in Washington, DC. They took their mission that culture is an experience by creating a flexible retail space to create economic opportunity for Black-owned businesses.

The Gift Shop is a physical space to find, learn, discover and shop incredible brands from Black entrepreneurs in the DMV area. For the people, by the people.
Founded by Gary Williams and Tamon George, they built Creative Theory to “be the change.” They used this drive to create The Gift Shop, an ever-changing brand experience providing retail space to Black entrepreneurs to innovate and showcase their creative products.
The modular retail design can be rearranged to showcase a variety of products and attract shoppers walking by. With the office space tucked away in the back, the store could serve the agency as both a place of business as well as a place of growth.
January 2021
Client: Creative Theory
Retail Design, Creative Direction, Fabrication