A cookie cutter approach is bad for everyone. That’s why we craft each project by hand, with heart.*

At Inkling, we devote ourselves to making our clients’ dreams a living, breathing reality. Built on a foundation of authenticity, trust, and imagination, we catalyze potential to create powerful experiences both offline and online.

*We do like cookies, though.


The Inkling team is a collaborative crew of artists, designers, developers, thinkers, and tinkerers.

It’s great to meet you. Now – how can we help?

Jordan Kinne
Co-founder, Executive Producer
Edward Senf
Co-founder, Creative Director
Megan Day
Ray Marrero
Design Director
Chris Henning
Production Manager
Sanika Mehta
Experience Designer
Grace Kinne
Chiara Fiori
Art Director
Matthew Bierman
Full-Stack Developer


Retail / Events / Brand Pop-ups / Tradeshows

We don’t just create unique environments, we create destinations – places that entice and evoke, and make you want to stay a while. We use all the tools at our disposal to tell a story, whether that’s art, sound, fabrication, or something else altogether.

We also think really big – and really small – about what the experience should be. From the signage in the parking lot to through to the content on the screens, we never let a detail drop. It’s our holistic approach that keeps things feeling fresh and inviting, and keeps folks coming back for more.


Video / Editorial / Social / Copywriting

Audiences want to connect with authentic stories, delightfully told. Anything less just won’t break through. We harness brands’ unique perspectives to create top-tier content in any channel, and we’re with you every step of the journey. Interested in a new foray into podcasting? We’ll identify what your audience wants to hear, and help you make sure they’re listening. Need to establish an authoritative presence on timely subjects? Let us produce a new episodic video series. From concept to the closing credits, we’ll guide you along the way.

Brand Identity

Creative Strategy / Branding / Logo Development / Graphic Design

We use creativity to solve real world business challenges – we’re not in it to paint pretty pictures (though our pictures are awfully pretty). So when we craft a brand identity, we spotlight the opportunities to help you stand out in crowded markets, and give you the tools to keep your brand resonant, relevant and growing.

We love to obsess over the details of a logo, the shape of fonts and interaction of colors to build functional design systems that aren’t limited by a medium. Whether your brand is new to the world, or in need of a refresh, we’ll breathe new life and meaning into your identity.


Web / Social / Interactive / 3D

We see digital not as something separate to the physical world, but as an extension of it. A chance to build even deeper connections, and provide both utility and inspiration. That’s why we craft immersive digital experiences for the person glued to their phone on the subway, or the person begging for a distraction from another Zoom meeting. It’s all in pursuit of something just a little bit better.

We pride ourselves on tapping into our broad network of technical specialists to translate a vision into reality, regardless of the platform. We are always learning, so our clients can always be leading.